Services & Techniques

At Centre for Healing Arts, we pride ourselves in providing the best chiropractic care to all of our patients.  Here is a list of all the different services we have to offer in the Limerick office.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic care focuses primarily on how the structure of the spine and the function of the nervous system affect your overall health. Chiropractic adjustments are when the doctor, with his years of training and experience, makes a correction to the spine to restore normal function of the joint, the nerve that runs through it, and the muscles around it.  While chiropractic adjustments tend to focus on the spine, they can also be used on the arms, legs, and any other joint in the body.  A chiropractic adjustment restores motion to a joint, prevents further injury to the area, and allows that area to heal.


Spinal Rehab and Corrective Exercises

Did you know that if the correct structure of our spine was properly maintained, there would not be any degenerative changes for 120 years?  At the Centre for Healing Arts, we use specific exercises along with chiropractic adjustments to help improve and maintain the proper curvatures of the spine.  By strengthening the muscles around the spine, the body will show an improvement in posture and overall structure.  This is one of our tools that allow us to give our patients results that they may not have had while under previous chiropractic care.


Brain and Body Wellness

Health starts with the brain, so why shouldn’t your care?  We offer a technique difficult to find in the healthcare field.  By performing a quick and easy evaluation, we can determine specific areas of the brain that may be weaker than others.  Specific adjustments and exercises can then be used to strengthen those areas of weakness.  This provides our patients with an optimal level of wellness and health that is unparalleled to any other health care provider.  The most common results when strengthening the brain include a boost to the immune system and stress reduction.



What we eat plays a huge factor in our overall health.  At the Centre for Healing Arts, we take time to talk with our patients about many aspects of nutrition.  This includes healthy eating and supplementation.  We offer nutritional programs for specific conditions as well as general health.


Biocommunication Technology

We offer a biocommuncation device known as ZYTO technology.  ZYTO technology allows a computer to have a conversation with your body by using an energetic connection.  This allows the doctor to have a powerful new insight on the health and wellness of their patients.

Therapeutic Procedures

There are many types of therapeutic modalities that can be used to help patients with certain conditions.  Some of the other tools that we have for our patients at the Centre for Healing Arts include:

  • Electrical Stimulation
    The main stimulation we offer is Interferential, but we can also provide Russian stimulation.  This therapy is used on most musculoskeletal conditions for pain relief and to relax and loosen up the muscles.  This typically allows the doctor to give a better adjustment following the therapy.
  • Mechanical Traction
    Our mechanical traction units hold our patients in a position to help mimic proper posture and curvatures of the spine.  We pair the traction unit with exercises to train the body and muscles to maintain those proper curvatures.
  • Ice and Heat
    Did you know that certain conditions determine whether you should be using ice or heat?  Using the wrong one could actually do more harm than good.  We use both ice and heat in the office while educating our patients as to which one is best for them and their condition.
  • Ultrasound
    Ultrasound uses sound waves to stimulate the muscles and tissues of the area being treated.  It can help with pain relief while increasing the body’s ability to heal the injury.
  • Infrared Therapy
    Infrared is a therapy that is similar to heat.  The benefits of infrared are similar to heat while including an increase in cell metabolism and an increase in superficial blood flow.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

While in chiropractic school, Dr. Kyle Kopicki received M1 Basic Training in Graston soft tissue technique. He now utilizes what he learned in that course to offer instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization for his patients.  This allows Dr. Kyle Kopicki to detect and treat soft tissue injuries.  Normal function of soft tissue is restored by decreasing scar tissue and adhesions.  This allows the patient to expect improved treatment outcomes with shortened recovery time.

Lifestyle Advice

Educating our patients on all aspects of their life and health is a goal of the doctors at Centre for Healing Arts.  Talking to our patients about activities that can help their condition or activities that can aggravate their condition helps them achieve better results.  Many times proper ergonomics while at work, class, home, etc can make significant improvements.

Massage Therapy

Another way we help our patients with musculoskeletal conditions and stress is with massage therapy.  Our massage therapists are trained to meet all of our patient’s needs.  Massage therapy has many benefits which include an increase in blood circulation, a reduction of swelling, stress relief, a reduction of pain and spasms by the muscles, and improvements in range of motion.


Spinal and Postural Screenings

Spinal and Postural screenings can reveal underlying causes of certain conditions our patients, family, and friends may be suffering from.  We try to stay active in the community by providing these screenings at all types of events and places of employment.  If you are interested in having us come to an event or your workplace, please call and contact us today to arrange a screening.