When I first met Dr. Kyle, I could barely stand up straight, if at all most days and was having extreme pain down my left leg. It hindered me a lot in daily activities. I was always in pain, had trouble sleeping, and could barely sit comfortably. I had my exam/consultation & Dr. Kyle went through everything with me, explained treatments and answered every question I had. Now I am a short while in on treatments and I am able to get around so much better, I can stand straight, the pain is diminishing and I’m sleeping like a rock. I give Dr. Kyle an A+ for getting me back on the road to being healthy and feeling good!


Lynn M. (2014,

I first went to Dr. Kopicki because I was having lower back pain that kept me from sleeping to the point that I was waking up 15-20 times a night.  I was trying melatonin, practicing good sleep hygiene and I even bought a new mattress but nothing was making a difference.  I decided to go to a chiropractor to see if I could get results there and everyone in the office was so nice and accommodating!  Everything was thoroughly explained to me and any questions I asked were answered.  When the treatments began I started to feel better and within three treatments was able to sleep through the night and only wake up 2-3 times (which was a big improvement and made a huge difference).  Dr. Kopicki really made a difference and I would recommend people to go to him if they are having trouble or if they just want to take preventative measures.


Kendra R. (2013),

I first met Dr. Kopicki and the Centre for Healing Arts at a Health fair. I have never had back problems but was intrigued when Dr. Kopicki mentioned that he could help me with my asthma. Before my first treatment, I was meeting regularly with my asthma doctor and taking a boat load of medicine. After a couple of treatments, I started weaning myself of my medications and a couple of short months later I stopped taking my asthma medication. My wet cough and dizziness has gone away, which in turn makes me feel great and I actually feel ten years younger.


Scott G. (2013),

I first sought out chiropractic care due to a car accident that affected my low back and neck area. Both my neck and low back were very stiff and because of this my ability to accomplish work tasks was limited. I was unable to sit and move comfortably and it made it hard for me to sleep. I have never sought chiropractic care before now. Since I have been seeing Dr. Connelly and following his treatment plan I have better mobility, sleeping patterns, health and am more tolerant at work when sitting for long periods of time.

Bonnie B. (2010),